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Poštovani, sa danom ( 25. svibnja 2018.) stupila je na snagu opća uredba o zaštiti podataka (GDPR) koja će regulirati zaštitu osobnih podataka građana Europske unije. Stoga smo obvezni  osigurati suglasnost za uporabu Vašeg imena, prezimena te  adrese elektroničke pošte u svrhu informiranja o našem radu, posebice o programima, manifestacijama I ostalim aktivnostima. Vaše ćemo podatke kao I do sada, koristiti isključivo u te svrhe te ujedno potvrđujemo da Vašu e-adresu ne koristimo niti u jednu drugu svrhu te je ne ustupamo trećim osobama. Ukoliko ste suglasni, niste obvezni odgovarati na ovu poruku, a ako više ne želite primati naše obavijesti, pozivnice itd., molimo Vas da pošaljete e-poruku na adresu Vaše podatke možete zmijeniti ili trajno obrisati u bilo koje vrijeme - podnošenjem zahtjeva na istu e-adresu. Zahvaljujemo na uvažavanju i srdačno Vas pozdravljamo!
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Beaches Kraljevica

The combination is pebble, concrete and sandy beaches. The beach is located on the peninsula, 2km from Kraljevica between Crikvenica and Rijeka. Access to the beach is easy because the camp is well connected to the highway leading to other tourist destinations in the region. You can find trampoline, jet skiing, children's playground, this beach is a favorite for parents because they can take care of the kids whit relaxation.  When you  sunbathe, you can eat ice cream, have a cold cocktail at the beach bar or have lunch at a nearby restaurant. The beach have all what you need, so you dont have to carry a lot of beverages and food with you.
Carevo is a cove in Kraljevica, which is inhabitated with locals. A beautiful,  natural beach, ideal for families. Known among locals. It is located near the Castle of Nova Kraljevica.
Exactly opposite Bakarac is Bakar. The whole part of the bay on the copper side is covered with (concrete) beaches and each has its own name. Coming from the direction of Rijeka, they are in the order of: Swimming place, Small beach, Palada, Skalada, Melina, First house ( fishing houses), Second house, Sansovo (above which is also the football field of the same name) and Kavranić (Third house).
Tunere are shore-based tuna lookouts that were existing to assist one of the main activities of Kvarner’ s fishermen – tuna fishing . There were several places for hunting in this area. At places where tuna  would pass, people built tunere, for spotting tunas that were reached by ladders reaching out over the sea . There are steep ladders, sloping over the sea. They were in Preluk, in the Bakar Bay, in Kraljevica, in numerous places on the island of Krk and elsewhere. Owners of many tuneras in Kvarner, including some in Bakar, were in the 16th and 17th centuries in the properties of the noble family Zrinski and Frankopans. The sea  was first exploited by their fishermen, but later they lease it because that way they could earn more than wine producing or fishing . Two lookout places with ladders have recently been restored near Bakarac.
At Nirvana bay is Villa Nirvana at Fortica. It used to be Napoleon's fortress, then became a villa of Nirvana. Later it was considerably expanded, and with each extension it lost its form t but today it represents a beautiful building on the sea. Literally, you can plunge into the sea through the window. Below Fortica there is a bathing concrete access to the sea.
You can find hotel resort Uvala Scott.  In addition to the natural pebble beach and there is a part with a dock for smaller boats, both directions continue along the promenade, towards the Krk bridge as well as towards the Oštro settlement. Besides swimming in the sea, the guests may enjoy in recreation such as kayaking in the beach canoes, paddling in the water beetles, sail-boarding, boating, playing mini-golf or table tenni , or refreshing in one of two places at the seaside , buffet and tavern.
Small harbor with restaurant "Sidro". Črišnjeva is known for its attractive „balinjerada“ or race on ball bearings, which is a popular hobby in Primorje. There is also a fishing hunting club "Jastog" there.  The destination of many tourists, lovers of fishing and exploration of the sea depths. It is located in the immediate vicinity of the Krk Bridge.
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